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AOLserver 4.0.10 released

Announcing the release of AOLserver 4.0.10. AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, massively-scalable and extensible web server tuned for large scale, dynamic web sites. AOLserver also includes complete database integration and a dynamic page scripting language.

The source is freely available from the site at:

For more information on the changes in this version please refer to the ChangeLog in the source distribution. A high level summary of the changes follows:

This release adds two enhancements and one API change. The major enhancement is the adding of configurable transparent gzip compression of HTTP responses from ADP pages. The minor enhancement is the addition of a numeric version #define to aid conditional compilation of modules that require specific AOLserver versions or must be compiled differently depending on the version. Ns_Compress() has been renamed to Ns_CompressGzip() in anticipation of other algorithms which will be supported.