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AOLserver 4.0.9 released

Announcing the release of AOLserver 4.0.9. AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, massively-scalable and extensible web server tuned for large scale, dynamic web sites. AOLserver also includes complete database integration and a dynamic page scripting language.

The source is freely available from the site at:

For more information on the changes in this version please refer to the ChangeLog in the source distribution. A high level summary of the changes follows:

Bugfixes: a shutdown crash fix; a memory leak when using getaddrinfo; a server hang fix for ns_http; bad invocations of ns_schedule_{proc,daily,weekly} proc can crash the server; omit Content-Length header if ADP streaming is on; Ns_ConnSend() now does what the docs say it does.

Enhancements: a new Ns_Compress() to gzip data; a new Ns_SockCancelCallbackEx() to correctly cancel callbacks; enable writing of corefiles on Linux after setuid by setting PR_SET_DUMPABLE.