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AOLserver 3.5.1 released

The AOLserver team is pleased to announce the 3.5.1 release of AOLserver. The 3.5 branches are the first AOLserver releases to use Tcl unmodified. More details can be found below and in the ChangeLog file distributed with the release. Thanks for submitting your changes and bugs, they continue to help improve AOLserver.

Where to get the new release:

The AOLserver 3.5.1 source is freely available in open source from Sourceforge at:

This web page also contains additional information about the release, including new features and notes about installing and compiling the release.

For additional information:

Please visit the AOLserver web site:

This site contains a variety of information about AOLserver.

Summary of changes since AOLserver 3.5.0:

Here are the main changes in AOLserver 3.5.1. A complete list can be found in the ChangeLog file at the root of the source tree included with each release.

  • Added man page stubs for core commands in /doc.

  • Added control port logging.

  • Fixed file upload encoding bug.

  • Added ns_getformfile for secure acces to temp files

  • Enabled command line argument passing.

  • Changed behavior of ns_atclose to execute at connection close instead of at end of registered procs.

    NB: This may be incompatible with existing code

Control port logging:

A new option to log control port user and commands has been added. Below is an example config section followed by example output. By default control port logging is enabled.


ns_section “ns/server/${servername}/module/nscp”
ns_param cpcmdlogging 1

Sample output:

[04/Nov/2002:22:14:34][617.1008368][-nscp:1-] Notice: nscp: connect:
[04/Nov/2002:22:14:37][617.1008368][-nscp:1-] Notice: nscp: logged in: ‘nsadmin’
[04/Nov/2002:22:14:41][617.1008368][-nscp:nsadmin:1-] Notice: 1> info commands
[04/Nov/2002:22:14:41][617.1008368][-nscp:nsadmin:1-] Notice: 1> Command Completed.